DeskPi Pro V2 case Reviewed by ETA PRIME

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ETA PRIME said : "This is the all-new DeskPi Pro V2 and it turns your Raspberry pi 4 into an awesome NUC style desktop computer with support for NVMe SSD or 2.5” SSD plus it adds a safe shutdown/Rest button and it comes with an amazing little heatsink that will allow you to overclock you pi4 without any overheating. They also make a new Nvidia Jetson Nano version so we now have an great case for the Jetson!"

 Product purchase link:  DeskPi Pro V2


Here is the Review Video:


Installing ICE  Tower Cooler to Raspberry Pi 4 model B.

Installing GPIO extension board:

 After booting up, make some software configuration such as update repository index and upgrade softwares. 

and then setting up DeskPi Pro’s driver Github readme file.

and tesing it via a huge touch screen, it is awesome!